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Seven Dipping Sauces that Will Take Any Dish to the Next Level

Dipping Sauce Countdown

Starters, small plates, appetizers, snacks, hors d’oeuvres, tapas… call them what you want, but small portions of sharable finger-foods are an MTI staple. With AutoFry, ventless fryer, and MultiChef, high speed oven, we are big fans of appetizers and you can’t have finger food without some sort of dipping sauce. True, a French fry, chicken tender or onion ring tastes great on its own, but pair it with the right dipping sauce and you elevate your dish to the next level AND separate yourself from the overpopulated foodservice crowd. So with that in mind, today we provide you with seven delicious dipping sauces that pair well with just about any appetizer.


Remoulade - Dipping Sauce Countdown

Starting off our dipping sauce list is a classic remoulade sauce. Based from mayonnaise, this remoulade has a Cajun flair that is well known for pairing with seafood. We recommend making it in advance to allow flavors to marry and serving it with fries, as a sauce for sliders or a dip for hush puppies. Get the recipe for this sauce from Simply Recipes here.


Orange Ginger Sauce - Dipping Sauce Countdown

Next up is a unique spin on some classic flavors. This Indian-style Orange-Ginger and Lime Pickle Dipping Sauce hits every taste bud and packs some heat, so be sure to note it’s spiciness on your menu. While this sauce pairs well with fried chicken, we suggest trying it as a unique pizza sauce. Get the recipe for this sauce from Serious Eats here.


Cilantro Jalepeno Sauce - Dipping Sauce Countdown

Moving on to an herbier choice, take a look at this cilantro jalapeno dipping sauce. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but this easy to prepare green sauce is delicious! Perfect for fries or chicken and it also doubles as a flavorful marinade for grilled meats! Get the recipe for this sauce from Damn Delicious here.


Soy Chili Dipping Sauce - Dipping Sauce Countdown

No dipping sauce list would be complete without a soy-chili sauce. A classic Asian sauce of soy sauce, rice vinegar, and chili paste, this dipping sauce is sure to please.  We recommend pairing it with dumplings and chicken wings, and for a more adventurous pairing, even onion rings! Get the recipe for this sauce from Saveur here.


Blackberry Sweet Chili Lime Sauce - Dipping Sauce Countdown

You may think ketchup is the best red dipping sauce, but one look at this blackberry sweet chili lime dipping sauce and you’ll be rethinking your dipping priorities! Made from blackberries, honey and sweet chilies, this dipping sauce pairs perfectly with coconut crusted appetizers. Get the recipe for this sauce from Mommypotamus here.


Grown Sauce - Dipping Sauce Countdown

Next up on our list is called the grown-up dipping sauce, likely because it’s ingredients are less than appealing to kids, but make no mistake this sauce has all the right flavor notes. With a mayo-ketchup base, this flavorful dip is perfect with fries, chicken, onion rings and even tops a sandwich nicely. Get the recipe for this sauce from Our Best Bites here.


Maple Mayo - Dipping Sauce Countdown

Wrapping up the list is one of my personal favorites, a maple mayonnaise sauce. I recently had this sauce on top of a bacon cheddar burger, immediately asked the waitress for additional sauce so I could dunk every last fry into it. It’s tangy, salty, sweet and just down right delicious. I could eat it on just about everything, but I highly recommend serving it with fries, on sliders and it pairs especially well with sweet potato waffle fries. It’s addicting though, so don’t say I didn’t warn you! Get the recipe for this sauce from here.



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