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Beating the Seasonal Slump with Ventless Kitchen Equipment

Beating the Seasonal Slump The holiday season can be a rough time of the year for the restaurant industry. Jam packed Christmas Lists and cold weather can keep people from dining out, and full-service restaurants and fast casuals know all too well the impact the seasonal slump can have on their bottom line. It’s important to try and stay ahead of the game and a lot of the time that means making sure you are equipped with the right tools to get your business through.

There are different ways to combat the decline in foot traffic. Adding seasonal decorations like wreaths and twinkling lights are cheerful elements to catch the eye of the holiday shopper. A cozy appearance will draw in patrons and the rest is up to your service. This is where Motion Technology Inc., comes in! Our ventless kitchen equipment prepares food quickly and covers the full range of cooking capabilities needed for any type of restaurant. All of our ventless products prepare food quickly, allowing your establishment to pump out dishes in no time at all, getting shoppers right back into the stores.MultiChef

Our family of ventless equipment is made up multiple units, one of which is our high-speed oven, the MultiChef XL. The MCXL can bake, roast, toast and steam with the press of just two buttons. With this oven, your employees can serve up all sorts of tasty grub in just minutes. From appetizers, to vegetables, and even raw lean proteins, our oven can just about do it all. The combination of microwave and impinged air provides delicious food fast to get your patrons in and out.  

VentaGrill_Mockup-4Next, let’s talk about our ventless griddle! The VentaGrill has all the capabilities of a typical griddle, but the beauty of ours is it requires no hood installation. Without the extra costs of a ventilation system, business owners and operators can put funds towards seasonal marketing and promotions. The VentaGrill is also great for whipping up easy holiday themed dishes to add to your menu, like Eggnog flavored pancakes or a holiday ham panini. With fun themed dishes people will be lining up at the door.

The final member of our family is the AutoFry. We have a whole line of ventless fryers that serve up delicious fare in no time at all. From our single serve fryer to our high capacity double basket, we have a fryer to fit all types of businesses. Our fryers are ideal Autofry-Group_colorcorrectedfor quick serve and full-service locations looking to pump out fried treats like loaded tater tots and deep-fried cheese curds. Diners can stop in for some quick delicious appetizers and drinks and be on their way in no time, ready to finish up their yuletide errands!  

So, are you ready to protect your bottom line? Gear up with the best equipment available to keep profits jingling not just for the holidays, but all year long, click below to learn more! 

Plug in and count your profits

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