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C-Store Food Service: Essentially Unstoppable

C-Store Food Service_ Essentially Unstoppable

Convenience stores have come quite a long way since their start. 7- Eleven is widely credited as the founder of c-stores, with its first location in Dallas, Texas in 1927. At that time, they were known as Southland Ice Company. Customers would mainly purchase blocks of ice to use at home to preserve their perishable foods. Over time, it became clear that the transition to selling items like milk, eggs, and bread was the right way to go, paving the way for future stores.

The sights, sounds and overall experience at convenience stores has drastically changed from the ice house days of the 1920’s. From frozen slushy machines to freshly prepared, ready to eat food, c-stores really are the essential, one-stop shop! At Motion Technology, Inc., we know how important it is for these stores to make themselves the first choice for anything their guests might need on short notice, especially food. And not just any food, really good food. Their need to supply their patrons with great grub is why we have worked so hard perfecting our ventless kitchen equipment.

Our fully contained deep fryer, the AutoFry, and high-speed oven, the MultiChef XL, provide owners and operators the profits they need to succeed. Both pieces of equipment are completely ventless, which means avoiding the costly fees associated with hood/vent installation and service. Not to mention, our fryers and ovens are so simple to use, just about any employee can operate them. This allows businesses to run on a limited staff if necessary. We have also created a number of helpful videos and guides to help with everything from recipe creation to general cleaning and troubleshooting.

Now, back to that REALLY GOOD FOOD we were talking about. From perfectly fried chicken and fries, to beautifully baked flatbreads and quesadillas there is something for every customer that comes through the door. Creativity has no bounds with our ventless kitchen equipment. Don’t be afraid to add interesting toppings to your fries or flatbreads, or deep fry sweet treats for the tinier diners. Make your food service menu the obvious choice for the busy, hardworking American.

This may all sound too good to be true, but it most certainly is not! Make your food service dreams a reality with MTI!

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