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Smashing Spring Break with Poolside Munchies

Smashing Spring BreakThe snow is finally melting, the temperatures are starting to rise and everywhere college students are getting ready to toss the school books aside and head to the beach! Resorts and hotels along coastlines around the world are prepping for an overload of twenty-somethings. Typically, when you think of Spring Break, you think booze. But let us not forget, with tasty drinks comes delicious food to soak up the alcohol. At Motion Technology Inc., we understand how important it is for resorts and hotels to be able to serve up great food quickly for their guests. With our ventless kitchen equipment businesses can implement an impressive and lucrative foodservice program, all while saving money and space.

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Spring Breakers dream of their vacation for the entire school year. Long hours that could have been spent on school work, are instead focused on hotel or resort choice. If vacation establishments want to stand out among the rest, they need to bring their A game! This means for all aspects of their guests stay, but especially the grub.

Food is a huge part of the Spring Break experience. When students aren’t drinking or dancing, they are eating, fueling their bodies for the hours of partying that lay ahead. By using our ventless oven and fryer, kitchens can produce irresistible eats in just about any location. Imagine being able to set up shop right in your poolside bar! Guests would never even have to leave the pool to dive into fun dishes like, Cuban flatbreads, topped with Swiss cheese, shredded pork, diced ham and dill pickle chips, or freshly fried sweet potato fries, served with a maple aioli for dipping. With our products the options are endless.

Sweet_Potato_FriesSo, what exactly does ventless mean? It means that both our high-speed oven, the MultiChef XL, and our family of fryers, AutoFry, do not require the installation of any hoods or ventilation systems. This equals out to huge savings for our clients, we're talking upwards of $10,000.00 in additional costs! Not only are our products ventless, they are also fully automated and enclosed, making them safe and easy to use for any staff member. With just the push of a couple buttons, anyone can serve up fresh and hot food for all times of the day. We also created daily and weekly cleaning guides, along with a collection of helpful videos to assist in the operations of our products.

It is important to MTI that our clients have all the tools they need to keep their business running successfully. Along with all of our helpful guides and videos, our customer service and technical support team shine like no other. We are always ready to assist with any matter that may be at hand. We ask that you never hesitate to call, no matter the question!

Now, what are you waiting for? Click here to learn more on how you can supply your hotel or resort with the best food service equipment in the industry.

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