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MultiChef Ovens & the Need for Speed

MC & the Need for Speed!

It is a go, go, go kind of world and we are all just trying to keep up. We rush to work, we rush to get the kids to soccer practice or dance rehearsal, and if we are lucky, we can stop somewhere to grab a bite in between. Food on the go has become part of the daily routine for many, and more than ever it is important for businesses within the foodservice industry to serve up tasty food in no time at all.

We all know that old saying, Time is Money, and that could not ring truer when it comes to foodservice output. Each and every minute is vital. The faster and more efficiently your establishment is able to operate, the more people you will be able to serve, resulting in an increase in profits.

The best way to implement a foodservice program that will satisfy the patron pressed for time is by using the most qualified equipment for the job. High-speed ovens like the MultiChef can reduce cook times by more than 80%! Our ovens come in two different sizes, the MultiChef XLT & MultiChef XS. Each is equipped with convection, rapid impinged air, precision microwave, and constructed of high-quality stainless steel with a unique removable catalytic converter. Unlike traditional ovens, theShrimp Tacos w beer - MC MultiChef line is ventless, easy to operate and built to last.

But that’s not all they're built for! Our ovens were built to produce delicious tasting food that is quite frankly, very hard to resist. And we would know, after all we have spent countless hours creating awesome menu items in our test kitchen. What kind of awesome menu items? Well, some of our favorites include Chicken Fajita Paninis, Grilled Shrimp & Corn Tacos, and Loaded Pepperoni Pizza Fries. And yes, they are as tasty as they sound! 

Hungry for more. Satisfy the need for speed with the MultiChef and reach out to a representative today to learn more.

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