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Ventless Equipment in Unlikely Locations

Ventless Equipment in Unlikely LocationsLocation, location, location. While it may be the most important rule of realty, when it comes to our ventless kitchen equipment practically any place will do! At Motion Technology Inc., we have just what owners and operators need to add a successful foodservice program to their business. With our high-speed oven and line of automated deep fryers, it is easy to whip up delicious menu items in no time at all. Even in the most unlikely location, any type of business can pump out tasty grub for their patrons with our products.  

Now, what are some of the unlikely spots you can find our products? Well, for starters how about car dealerships and auto repair shops? That’s right, while you wait for repairs and maintenance to be completed on your vehicle you can enjoy a tasty lunch or snack. What about a laundry mat? Get your fried food fix while you whiten your whites! We even have a fryer at a school for synchronized swimmers! 

Bottom line, it is a go, go, go kind of world, and sometimes people need to eat when and where they can. Whether its running errands or picking the kids up from their after school activities, you just can't help it when hunger hits! Now, just #loaded totos.png1because people are put in the position of eating on the go and in uncommon places, doesn’t mean the flavor or quality needs to be sacrificed. Our MultiChef XL and line of AutoFrys prepares food that not only looks delicious but tastes delicious too. 

By adding a foodservice program to a business that you may not expect to serve food,  you are on your way to increasing your bottom line by keeping all of your profits in house and growing your customer base. Dining options help companies stand out among their competitors, and can help fuel new advertisements and promotional ideas. 

For nearly thirty years, we have been providing all kinds of companies with reliable and profitable ventless kitchen equipment. All of our machines require no hood or ventilation installation, saving our clients in costly renovations. Our products are also super simple to use.  With just the push of a couple buttons any employee can serve up scrumptious items like pizzas, tater tots, quesadillas and crispy fried chicken. In addition to being easy to use our equipment is also extremely safe. Both our oven and fryers are fully contained and include a pre-installed ANSUL Fire Suppression Systemkeeping employees out of harms way.

Just like our equipment our customer service really outshines the rest. We are always happy to answer any question from our clients or potential buyers. Our team is ready to give you the information you need to make a fully informed decision. From deciding the right fryer size to match your customer capacity to the electrical specifics for your location, we are here to help.

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