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Breweries Go Ventless: Adding Food to Your Taproom

Breweries Go Ventless_ Adding Food to Your TaproomIn the booming brewery business, there is no room for error. This competitive crafting craze is taking the country by storm and it is imperative for owners and operators to stay ahead of the game. As breweries become established and begin to see a rise in profits, they open the door to the possibility of creating new reasons to keep guests staying longer and coming back for more.

It is no secret that the consumption of alcohol usually works best when paired with delicious food. Besides the obvious notion that food helps absorb alcohol and allows people to drink longer, washing down tasty appetizers with a #loaded totos.png1phenomenal beer is just an overall amazing experience that should be had by all. So really, it should be a no brainer that the best way to continue to increase foot traffic and sales is by adding food to your brewery’s taproom.

Some of the biggest hurdles that breweries face when deciding to add a food menu to their taproom are budgeting and staffing. These worries are certainly warranted; both are vital to protecting your bottom line. At Motion Technology Inc., we are confident that with our ventless kitchen equipment you will have no issues growing your bottom line. Because our machines require no hoods or ventilation systems, your brewery can save on space and very high costs. Almost all hood installations are done by the linear footage, with an average of $1000.00 per foot. Now, with most hoods running anywhere from 10-14 feet long (Whose got that kind of space to spare!), that’s a possibility of $14,000.00 in expenses. In addition to no ventilation requirements, the AutoFry and MultiChef XL come in convenient sizes to fit any kitchen. In fact, our family of fryers is available in five different sizes to fit not only your service needs, but your square footage as well.

Beer Tall GlassOur ventless kitchen equipment is easy to operate and allows any staff member to prepare food quickly for your hungry patrons. From our line of automatic fryers to our high-speed oven, employees can serve up tasty shareables and small plates with the press of just a few buttons. In no time at all folks will be flocking to your brewery to indulge not only in refreshing beer, but delicious grub like loaded tater tots topped with bacon, cheddar and fresh green onion; or sweet chili chicken flatbreads covered in shredded chicken and mozzarella, both of which only take minutes to prepare and cook

By adding a food menu to your taproom, you extend the visit of your patrons while increasing beer sales and creating new profits that were not there before, all at the same time. Talk about a win, win, win situation.

This year, for the first time ever, MTI will be attending the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver Colorado to showcase our equipment. We look forward to introducing brewers to the endless menu options they have with our products. The show runs from April 8th - April 11th, come check us out at booth # 22061

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