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2019 International Pizza Expo: Ventless or Bust!

Booth #1251Did you know there are 61,269 pizzerias in the United States and that each person in America eats about 46 pizza slices a year?! That is some serious pizza love!  It's for this reason that Las Vegas welcomes the International Pizza Expo for the 35th year! This show is jam packed with everything pizza, and it is a great opportunity for Motion Technology Inc., to show how AutoFry can improve any pizza operation without the need for costly kitchen renovations and installations. If you're already planning on attending, you'll find us at booth 1251! If you are unsure what exactly the Pizza Expo has to offer, you just keep on reading and prepare to be amazed!

What is Pizza Expo?

Pizza Expo is the biggest pizza show in the world and the leading pizza trade show for the industry. Filled with unique educational seminars, workshops and even some friendly competition, this show has it all. Not to mention it hosts well over 500 trade show exhibitors, all of which are motivated to make your pizza shop one of the best in the business! Pizza Expo is a one stop shop for all those in the industry and the perfect place to absorb everything you can about an ever-changing industry.

Who attends the International Pizza Expo?

Attendees of the Pizza Expo are expected to be pizzeria operators, chefs, managers, and distributors. Pretty much anyone involved in the pizza business is anticipated to be at this wide-ranging trade show. For 2019, Pizza Expo has brought in some all-star keynote and educational speakers, including Ann Farrell, the Organizational Consultant & Leadership Coach of Farrelli’s Pizza and returning guest Michael Shepherd, four-time World Pizza Champion and president of the pizza resource website!   

Why do we attend this show?

For MTI, the Pizza Expo is a brilliant chance to connect with individuals and organizations in need of simple frying solutions. The AutoFry is easy to use, allowing it to be operated by just about any employee. In fact, with the AutoFry there is no need to hire a fry cook because it does all the hard work for you!  For this reason, we really enjoy demonstrating our products to people who may have a hard time envisioning a piece of equipment that functions so effortlessly.

And did we mention the AutoFry is fully automated and completely enclosed? So, there is no need for extra hoods or ventilation system to operate our fryer. Plus, as the only ventless fryer available in five different sizes, we have a fryer to meet every shop capacity, both large and small.


Where can you find us?

We’ll be exhibiting at Pizza Expo from March 5th-7th in booth 1251. For your convenience you can find the trade show floor plan here. You can also find more information on our booth here, to add it to your list of booths you’d like to visit at the show!

Will we see you at the International Pizza Expo?

We hope so! If you’d like to schedule a time to meet one on one with one of our sales representatives, please reach out to us at

See you in Vegas!                 

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