Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghost Restaurants

Jun 21, 2019 9:30:00 AM by Danielle Fantasia

Ghost Rest There is a new trend breaking ground across the country, driven by the rise in food delivery services like Uber Eats, and Grub Hub and the affordability of staying in. Ghost Restaurants, as they are accordingly named, are locations that are kitchen only. No customer ever steps foot inside, as there is no front of the house or seating. These virtual restaurants are thriving in highly populated cities, where speed and convenience is a necessity.

UberEatsFor those wanting to establish their own restaurant, but are worried about all the high cost, Ghost Restaurants can be the perfect option. Since the restaurant will not require a dining area, your location can be MUCH smaller. Small location means saving big on your lease or mortgage. Owners also save on tableware, décor, and not to mention staffing. Talk about an easy and affordable way to get your delicious food to the masses.

With small locations, operators might worry about finding the right kitchen equipment. Open fryers, and full convection ovens can take up quite a bit of space and cost quite a bit of money. When starting a Ghost Restaurant, all costs need to be low, it is kind of the whole point. The best way to spend less and make more is with the right equipment. At Motion Technology Inc, we have spent years developing and perfecting ventless kitchen technology that allows owners and operators to serve fabulous food without having to install bulky ovens, fryers and hoods.

Our MultiChef XL and AutoFry give a whole new meaning to fast food! Delicious dishes like flatbreads, loaded nachos, and classic poutine are just some of the amazing possibilities. Beyond the incredible food our products deliver, they areiStock-470657378 (1) also fully contained, making them super safe for employees. We also made sure our equipment is easy to use and maintain, so it can be operated by any staff member. We have even created cleaning guides and operational videos to further assist our clients.

Are you thinking of starting a Ghost Restaurant? Want to make your mark in the world of food delivery? Then get on the right track by making the right choices with your foodservice equipment. With Motion Technology Inc., you will see your profits pile up in no time at all!

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