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Fryer Innovation: Motion Technology, Inc. Teams Up with FreshFry for Exclusive Rebate Offer!

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Get ready to fire up your fryers and tantalize your taste buds because there's an exciting collaboration heating up the frying scene! Motion Technology, Inc., a pioneer in cutting-edge frying solutions, has joined forces with FreshFry, Inc., the industry leader in oil-saving technology. And trust us, this partnership is about to fry up something truly special!

Unveiling the Partnership:

Motion Technology, Inc. has just unveiled a sizzling new rebate partnership with FreshFry, Inc. And here's the deal – for every purchase of an AutoFry, customers will unlock an exclusive offer: a complimentary case of FreshFry Super Pods! That's right, folks – buy an AutoFry, and get ready to receive a case of Super Pods absolutely free. It's a match made in frying heaven!

Introducing FreshFry Super Pods:

But what exactly are these Super Pods, and why should you be excited? Well, they're not your average fryer accessory. FreshFry Super Pods are a game-changer in the world of frying technology. Each pod is packed with innovative features designed to remove impurities to extend the life of your frying oil, reduce oil consumption, and ensure that every bite is as crispy and delicious as the first.

 Why You'll Love It:

Whether you're a restaurant owner looking to optimize your frying operation or a food service professional seeking to elevate your menu, this partnership is tailor-made for you. By investing in an AutoFry from MTI, you're not only embracing state-of-the-art frying technology but also unlocking a world of savings with FreshFry's Super Pods.Super Pods Case in Spotlight

 How to Claim Your Free Case:

Getting your hands on this sizzling offer is as easy!  Simply purchase any model AutoFry and voila – you'll automatically become eligible to receive a free case of FreshFry Super Pods. Each case contains 21 pods, ensuring that you have everything you need to keep your fryer running smoothly and your food tasting exceptional.

In a world where efficiency, quality, and savings reign supreme, Motion Technology, Inc. and FreshFry, Inc. are teaming up to deliver an unbeatable combination of innovation and value. So, whether you're frying up classic favorites like golden French fries or experimenting with bold new creations, do it with confidence knowing that you've got the power of AutoFry and FreshFry's Super Pods on your side. 

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