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Game Day Bar Food: The Ventless Benefits

Game Day Bar Food_ The Ventless Benefits

Pour the beer, turn up the volume on the TV, and pull up a bar stool, it is Football Season! There is almost no better way to cheer on your favorite team then at the local watering hole, digging into delicious appetizers. Every Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night, fans flock to the bars in search of the best game watching experience, and with Motion Technology Inc, it is easy for owners and operators to keep the great grub pumping from the bar through the whole game!

With our ventless kitchen equipment, bars can serve up everything from the classic buffalo wings & fries served with blue cheese for dipping, to fajita chicken flatbreads topped with a cilantro sour cream. Feed the crowds all the way into overtime by arming your bar with the AutoFry & MultiChef XL! On their own, or as a team, this fully enclosed automated fryer and high-speed oven really know how to impress.iStock-642830782

The AutoFry is the ideal addition to any business looking to fry without all the expenses associated with installing a hood. Businesses can find themselves facing costs of anywhere between $20,000-$30,000, when they choose to install a traditional open fryer. The AutoFry is much more affordable and is also available in a range of sizes, making the decision for which one will fit your establishment best even easier! Not to mention, the quality of product our fryer produces is top notch. Fry up everything from pickles to poppers and watch the profits pile up.

#Nachos-1The MultiChef XL uses a combination of cooking methods to perfectly prepare a wide variety of food in just minutes. From loaded chicken nachos to roasted Brussels sprouts, there isn’t much this oven can’t handle. With ease employees can roast, toast, steam, bake and reheat all with the press of a couple buttons. No need to hire a professional chef, just like the AutoFry, the MultiChef XL is so simple, anyone can operate it! In fact, our oven comes with 80 preloaded recipes built right in! 

We know that when we think of football; beer and food instantly come to mind. It isn’t just about watching the game, it is about the entire experience of being a fan and rooting for your team, surrounded by family and friends. There is no better time spent, then the times with great people and great food.

So, let us help your business be the place that people have to be to watch the next game. Save money while scoring BIG with amazing food that would please the palate of any patron.

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