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The Perfect Match: One Year Filter Pack & Grease Baffle for the AutoFry

Perfect Match _ Filer Pack & Grease Baffle

There have been many true loves throughout history. Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy, Romeo and Juliet, just to name a few. Yet, here at Motion Technology, Inc we think the most perfect match of all time is the one that helps keep our AutoFry ventless! Our One Year Filter Pack and Grease Baffle is the only classic couple our customers need.

The AutoFry is the leader in ventless deep-frying technology. For over thirty years we have been supplying our MTI10-Filter-Pack_1024x1024products to businesses large and small all across the world, turning them into food preparation powerhouses. The AutoFry includes a three-filter system which allows it to operate without additional ventilation. When purchasing our ventless kitchen equipment, one of the biggest benefits is avoiding the high costs of adding a hood system. We are talking about some massive savings, in some cases upwards of even $30,000.00

Now, lets talk about those filters that keep the AutoFry performing like a pro. Our One Year Filter Pack includes two different types of filters; four charcoal and two mesh. These two filters trap grease laden air as it flows through the AutoFry. The Grease Baffle is a stainless-steel filter, that forces grease saturated air to shift course rapidly and continually as it increases throughout the filter. Due to the fact that the droplets of grease are incapable of changing paths as quickly as the air containing them, they concentrate on the metal edges and then drain into the filter. Each of these filters were specifically designed to work together, to help keep the AutoFry ventless.  

MTI_5_grease_baffle_ Your Grease Baffle is the first line of defense. Next is the Mesh Filter, and last, but certainly not least, the Charcoal Filter, each one playing a vital role in the AutoFry’s maintenance. We recognize the importance of these filters and wanted to make sure they were part of our BIG 2020 BOGO PROMO! So, for the entire month of February, when our customers Buy a One Year Filter Pack, through our web store, they Get 50% off One Grease Baffle

Now don’t forget, this promotion is ONLY available through our web store. So, head over and SAVE BIG!

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