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National Chicken Wing Day - TOP 5 Tastiest Flavors

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This may very well be one of the best holidays that was ever created! Imagine, an entire day dedicated to the chicken wing. Here, at the home of the AutoFry®, it is  a magical day that we celebrate with extreme pride, and of course, an enormous amount of chicken wings! Because is there really anything better than a perfectly fried wing? Ok, maybe a perfectly fried wing covered in a delicious dry rub, sauce or marinade!

In honor of this very special day, we have decided to put together a list of our TOP 5 Tastiest Chicken Wing Flavors for all of you. Check them out below and give them a try. You and your customers will not be disappointed!

Honey Balsamic BBQ

The sweetness from the honey, and the tartness from the Balsamic vinegar work together in the very best way. A touch of soy sauce and garlic brings everything together for a full flavor experience.

Jalapeno Lime

The combination of heat and citrus in this marinade will instantly transport you to a white sandy beach surrounded by palm trees and crystal blue water. These wings are perfect for seasonal, summertime menus.

Garlic Parmesan

You really can’t go wrong with melted butter, cheese, and garlic. Give your wings an Italian twist with this super easy, and super yummy sauce.

Salt & Vinegar

If you love salt and vinegar chips, then you will love these wings! This classic flavor pairing is just as addictive on fried chicken as it is on fried potatoes.

Carolina Gold

Tickle your taste buds with these mouthwatering wings. A little bit of heat mixed with a little bit of tang make it impossible to just have one.

Well, there you have it, our TOP 5 Tastiest Chicken Wing Flavors. Good luck choosing your favorite flavor, and happy taste testing!

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