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Technical Tips: Routine Maintenance = Ventless Equipment Longevity

Routine Maintenance = Ventless Equipment Longevity

Like many things in life, we would love for our ventless kitchen equipment to last forever. Now, of course, forever is continuous, for all future time; for always. So, we can’t really confirm if a fryer, or oven can last that long. But, what about decades? Oh yeah, it’s possible. With the right care and attention, it is completely possible to extend the life of ventless kitchen equipment.

How do we know? Well, after over thirty years of manufacturing the AutoFry® and MultiChef®, we still have some of our oldest models in operation. And while we know the craftmanship that goes into our equipment is top notch, we cannot deny the fact that routine maintenance over time is a driving factor of their longevity.AutoFry Family

Now, maybe at this point you are curious as to what  we mean by “routine maintenance”. Well, we are talking about basic, upkeep procedures. And while they may differ slightly for our fryers and ovens, they align completely when it comes to level of ease in which they can be performed. We have even created daily and weekly cleaning guides that our customers can use to train their staff. These step-by-step instructions make a simple task even easier.

MC Family Why is it so important to keep up with cleaning and routine maintenance? Think of it this way, if you are good to your equipment, it will be good to you. If you allow grease or debris to build up within your oven or fryer it will not only begin to affect the quality of your food, but the operation of the machine itself. And no owner or operator has time to deal with that nonsense!

Bottom line? If you are attentive to your cleaning and maintenance schedule, your equipment can last for decades or maybe even forever...

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