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Beating the Holiday Rush with Automatic Kitchen Equipment

Beating the Holiday Rush with Automatic Kitchen Equipment

December is finally here folks, and we want to talk about the holiday rush the foodservice industry will experience in the upcoming weeks. Every year the streets and stores are bustling with shoppers ready to cross items off their lists, and working up their appetites in the process. They look towards the nearest establishment to find a tasty meal to feed their hunger.

Whether you own a full-service restaurant, small café, or even a kiosk in the middle of the mall, you will see an increase in foot traffic. Both you and your staff will want to be prepared in every way you can to tackle the task of serving food to all of the hungry shoppers that come through your door. There are a number of things that owners and operators can do to prepare themselves for the busy holiday season. Keeping track of inventory, prepping ingredients, and hiring extra staff in advance are just a couple of suggestions. But one of the best ways to secure success is by using automatic kitchen equipment that delivers on quality and helps ease many of the stresses that plague the foodservice industry this time of the year.

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Automatic, ventless deep-fryers like the AutoFry make frying safe and efficient. These fryers do the hard work for you. Simply place your product in the entry chute, select your preprogrammed cook time or enter it manually and close the chute. Your product will fall into the internal fry basket and then the AutoFry will take it from there. The AutoFry will shake the basket just like a fry cook and safely dispense your product when the cook cycle is complete. The quality and consistency of your final results are controlled by Simplifry Technology, a heat compensation that automatically adjusts your cook time.

With the AutoFry, businesses are able to operate on a higher level, delivering delicious food, while simultaneously streamlining kitchen operations and saving on labor costs. Not to mention the AutoFry is completely ventless, saving on costly hood systems. That's right, No Hoods? No Vents? No Problem!

To learn more about how you can prepare your kitchen for the holiday rush and then some, click the link below.

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