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IAAPA Expo 2024: Top 3 Takeaways

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Another year, another amazing experience at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Florida! This year’s attendance was in full force, with individuals from all corners of the world, ready to explore everything this tremendous event has to offer.

Just like in years past, we were eager to have some face-to-face time with both new and returning attendees. We really wanted to hear their take on the current state of the industry and what kind of foodservice hurdles they are facing. Everyone we spoke with was candid about the challenges they’ve been dealing with, and what they were hoping to get out of their IAAPA experience.

After the IAAPA Expo wrapped, we were able to take a minute to digest everything we learned and put together a list of our Top 3 Takeaways. Check them out below!

Safety is ViralAutoFry in use (1)

Those we spoke with made it clear that when it comes to the wellbeing of their guests and team members nothing is more important. This was especially true in regards to foodservice operations. Attendees voiced their concerns for their staff’s safety when using kitchen equipment, as many are teenagers, some as young as 15 years old.

Time is Money

Ok, we know this one can probably be considered a given, but it was something we heard over and over again from attendees. Many stressed that because entertainment is the main part of their business, their patrons don’t want to waste time waiting for food when they could be playing a game of laser tag or riding a rollercoaster. This means their foodservice programs MUST operate quickly and efficiently.

The Crazier the BetterClose uo of loaded tot and chicken

It is no secret that all the BIG PLAYERS in the amusement park game are really thinking outside the box when it comes to food options. Every time a new and exciting menu item is released the internet is sent into a frenzy, and everyone flocks to wherever it is being served. FOMO is real thing, and sometimes it can play a role in determining how people intend to spend their money. So, owners and operators know they have to get on the crazy food train if they want a piece of those profits.

Now, there will always be hurdles to face, but we like to think we can really help with the ones listed above. AutoFry® and MultiChef™ are just what a business needs to create crazy food offerings quickly and efficiently all while keeping staff and patrons safe. Click below to learn more!

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