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IAAPA Expo Part 1: Where Foodservice and Fun Meet!

IAAPA Expo Part 1 Where Foodservice and fun meetHere we go again! The time has come for one of the most exciting and entertaining conferences of the year. The IAAPA Expo is THE place to learn about the ins and outs of this highspeed industry. So, buckle up, because we are about to give you a crash course on all things IAAPA!

What is IAAPA?

The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) has been in existence since 1918, with one simple, but important mission; Serving its members and the attractions industry. With over one hundred years of experience and over 6,000 members, it is no wonder their Expo gains the attention it does.

Where and When Does IAAPA Take Place?

The Orange County Convention Center in sunny, Orlando, Florida is home to the IAAPA Expo each year. Both the North and South Buildings are filled with exhibitors, showcasing their products for all the attendees who are dying to see the next BIG thing in the amusement industry. From November 16-19, check out all IAAPA has to offer.

What is the Best Way to Explore the IAAPA Expo?

Well, for starters, plan out your route! There is so much to see at this expo it can seem a bit intimidating. Take a look at the interactive floor plan and make a list of all the booths you are hoping to visit. Then create a path that allows you to hit as many of those coveted locations as possible. You may even want to try marking the booths on your list you would like to visit again with a star, so you can remember to save some time towards the end of the show for those special vendors.

Why does MTI attend the IAAPA Expo?IAAPA Equipment

We are proud to be a part of the IAAPA Expo each and every year. The amusement and attractions industry is always growing, and we love being along for the ride. We know how beneficial our ventless kitchen equipment can be for everywhere from theme parks to family entertainment centers. If you want to serve hot and delicious food to your guests, then you must stop by our booth #3854 and see just how easy it can be to implement a menu.

To say we are excited to be back at this show is an understatement. We could not be more thrilled to connect with attendees once again from all over the world, and share our latest in ventless technology with them. So, be sure to add our booth to your list and check out a live demonstration of our equipment.

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