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Maintenance Matters: Cleaning Your AutoFry Oil Pot

Maintenance Matters - Cleaning your oil pot

Having a foodservice program that continuously delivers on quality and profits is an obtainable goal. Owners and operators have to be sure to set procedures in place that help make this possible. Keeping your commercial kitchen equipment in tip top shape is a great place to start. Regular maintenance plays a vital role in preserving not only the flavor of the food, but the lifespan of the equipment itself.

Here, at the home of the AutoFry® we know cleaning your oil pot is an easy task that makes a huge difference in the product you put out. Sure, you can load your menu with deliciously deep-fried items, but if your fryer’s oil pot is not being cared for properly the taste of those items won’t live up to the hype! Nobody wants bad tasting French fries or chicken wings.

We highly recommend that AutoFry users clean their oil pots on a monthly basis. The inside of the oil pot should be cleaned with warm, soapy water. We suggest using a strong, food safe dish soap. Use aCleaners - Group-1 sponge to help scrub the interior walls. We also suggest using our Boil Out Pucks to help eliminate any built up grease that may have accumulated throughout the month and is proving to be too tough for the sponge.

Don’t forget about the exterior walls of the oil pot. This area can be cleaned with something a bit stronger than Palmolive or Dawn. We recommend using our heavy-duty carbon remover, Carbon-Off! This top-notch cleaner removes caked on grease with ease. We’ve even tested it against the worst grease build up you can imagine, TEN YEARS worth to be exact. The results are basically Harry Potter level magic. Click here to see this sorcery for yourself!

So, to sum it all up, MAINTENANCE MATTERS! Keep your food tasting great and your equipment looking and running like new with regular, routine upkeep. Visit our webstore to check out our AutoFry Oil Pot Cleaning Kit to supply your business with just about everything you will need.

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