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Making a Menu: MultiChef Cooking Instructions

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Here at MTI, we want our ventless kitchen equipment to be as user-friendly as possible. We are always creating new material to assist our customers with everything from cleaning and maintenance to recipe building. This is especially true when it comes to our MultiChef™ ovens. Creating or reimagining a menu can be overwhelming, but this shouldn’t discourage you from incorporating items that you feel will peak the interest of your patrons.

Even though our ovens come fully loaded with preprogrammed recipes, we know users still want to invent their own flavorful options or use certain products or brands we may not have tested ourselves. This is why we created our MultiChef Cooking Instructions. This guide helps users understand how the MultiChef XS & MultiChef XLT operate internally, leading them to produce the perfect recipe and end results.MC  Logo - BBQ Chicken Tots

The combination of Microwaves, Impinged Air, & Bottom Heating IR Element guarantees not only the internal heating, but also the external finishing of the food. This is up to 20 times faster when compared to conventional cooking methods.

Our High-speed ovens are extremely efficient and user-friendly. This means you do not have to be a chef or professional cook to operate the equipment and create new recipes. With our MultiChef Cooking Instructions owners and operators can whip up new kitchen creations with ease and test out what works best for their customer base.

Click below to download our MultiChef Cooking Instructions and get those creative juices flowing!

MC Cooking Instructions

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