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Bounce Back: Making it Work with MTI

Bounce Back
The comeback is always better than the set back. That popular phrase could not be more important than right now. The last few months have not been easy. We had to give up going out, dining in restaurants, and seeing our friends and family. But, true to fashion, Americans persevere. We took to take out and curbside pick ups to ensure the companies that have become a part of our communities stay afloat. 
Businesses across our country are slowly beginning to reopen, and patrons will be returning. So, what does that mean for the future? Well, things will be different, that much we know. Owners and operators will have a lot on their plates as they adhere to the New Normal. Business plans and models will change. From reduced staff, to limited supplies, it will be imperative for them to find what works for their establishment both financially and operationally. 
Group Photo 2At Motion Technology, Inc., we have spent the last 30 years perfecting our ventless kitchen equipment. From our line of  fully enclosed deep fryers, to our high-speed oven, there is something for every industry. Creating magnificent menu items like baked salmon and asparagus with lemon, to a southern fried chicken sandwich TGIF 4_30_20with crispy french fries, the possibilities are endless. 
The AutoFry and MultiChef XL are easy to use, requiring the push of just a couple buttons. No need for a professional chef or line cook to operate either piece of equipment, eliminating the need for a large staff. And did we mention that all of our equipment is ventless? This means there are NO HOODS needed for both our oven and fryers. In some cases, this can save owners up to as much as $30,000.00! Ideal for industries like breweries who now may see the need and benefits of implementing a food menu. 
Furthermore, we want our customers to know that we are always here to help. We have created a number of helpful technical videos, cleaning & troubleshooting guides, and recipe books to assist in just about anything you could need for your equipment. Plus, our technical support team is available seven days a week by phone, just in case you have a question or two. You can also purchase a wide variety of parts and cleaners right on our web store
Times are tough, but the future is bright with MTI. 
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