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Portable Profits: Saving Money & Space with Ventless Solutions

Portable Profits 9_8_20

Are you thinking about adding a food menu to your business, but are worried about having to install expensive hood systems? Or, maybe you are exploring the idea of starting a new business, and want to get the most out of your square footage. Well, At Motion Technology, Inc. we have just what you need to kick start your food service program all while saving money and space!

Our ventless kitchen equipment is not only safe and easy to use, but both the AutoFry® and MultiChef XL™ come in compact sizes allowing them to fit conveniently in any area. Whether it’s the front of the house, or on a food truck, there is almost no location too tight for our fryers and oven. Plus, all of our equipment requires zero clearance, giving you even more room to work with. Just plug in and you are ready to go!

Because our equipment is ventless, our customers avoid the extremely high expenses of adding a hood or ventilation system. In some cases, these costs have been known to go as high as $30,000.00. The AutoFry and MultiChef XL both come equip with filtration systems that filter the grease laden air, allowing them to operate independently and safely. Speaking of safety, both our fryers and oven are fully contained, with the outsides remaining cool to the touch throughout the cooking process. This ensures your employees are out of harms way at all times.


From food trucks to bars & breweries, and  even movie theatres, the MultiChef XL and AutoFry provide efficient productivity in a limited space. Pump out pizzas, paninis, quesadillas, fried appetizers and tasty desserts with just the press of a few buttons. So easy and safe to use, anyone can do it! No need to hire a professional cook. Just plug in, and watch your profits pile up. We have also created a number of helpful videos and guides to further assist our clients with everything from recipe creation to general cleaning and maintenance. Adding a food service program is simple when you have the company supporting you.

It might all sound too good to be true, but we assure you, it really is that simple. Click the link below to find out more, and let us be your source for ventless kitchen equipment!

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