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Rebate Spotlight: Saving Money with McCain

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Today, it is important for businesses within the food and restaurant industry to save wherever they can. Small changes in your day to day production can go quite a long way and lead to accomplishing big goals farther down the line. So, what kind of daily modifications are we talking about? By simply altering one item on your menu, you can save in both labor costs and food waste. Two things that can affect a business tremendously.

Now, you are probably asking What is this simple solution?  One word, POTATOES. Making the switch from fresh to frozen potatoes is the perfect way for companies in the food service industry to save big. Potatoes take time to prepare. In fact, a large portion of your prep time can be devoted to peeling, washing, and cutting up your potatoes. Not to mention the duration they actually take to cook! Who can afford to waste that kind of time?

The switch to frozen potato products means you won’t have to tie up an employee for hours to complete preparations. This will allow you to reduce your staff size or utilize your staff in a different aspect of your business. It also allows you to keep your product longer. The general shelf life of a fresh potato is around one week, while frozen versions can last a year or longer. That’s right, a YEAR or LONGER! Talk about a no-brainer.

Here, at Motion Technology, Inc., we understand the need to not only have the best tasting product, but one that is going to help your business grow. This is why years ago we partnered with McCain Foods to ensure our customers received top of the line potatoes every single time. The consistency and quality of their products are clear indications of the love and care that goes into each and every cut. This is how we knew they would be the best choice for the AutoFry and MultiChef XL

Bottom line, these guys really know their spuds. Since 1957 they have led the way in potato production and became the pioneers for frozen foods. The company roots began in Canada, and today, McCain can be found all over the globe. From tater tots, to mashed potatoes they really do it all!  We proudly encourage all of our customers to take advantage of our rebate program, because when you buy our equipment you become eligible for up to $1400.00 in case rebates. It is literally the gift that just keeps giving!


So, don’t just sit there. Start thinking about making the move to McCain today! 

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