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AutoFry Mini-C: The Made to Order Marvel

AutoFry Mini-C_ The Made to Order MarvelIn the foodservice industry, owners and operators of made to order establishments know all too well how demanding and fast pace the business can be. It is a go, go, go, type of world and here at Motion Technology Inc., we understand the need for good food, freshly prepared in a short amount of time. More often than not, customers are looking to fuel up fast and continue on with their day. Supplying patrons with  delicious food in a single serve fashion can be a challenging task, but not if you supply yourself with the right kitchen equipment.

Autofry-Plate-Logo-Layered-MergedThe AutoFry Mini-C is our single-serve, double basket counter top model. Both compact and efficient, the Mini-C is ideal for companies looking to deliver a, made to order, concept. This tiny titan really packs a punch! With an oil capacity of 1.37 gallons per side and 2.75 gallons total, our clients can fry roughly around 30-60 pounds of French fries per hour, with just the push of a single button.

The Mini C, along with our entire line of fryers, is fully enclosed and automated, keeping owners and employees safe from the internal cooking chamber while preparing product to perfection every single time. Not only are our products safe to use, but they do not require any hoods or ventilation systems, reducing the risk of grease fryers all while saving our customers on costly additions and expenses.

With the Mini-C, businesses like bars and convenience downloadstores can grow their menu by adding deep fried favorites that can be served up fresh, in no time at all. From mozzarella sticks to chicken wings, the made to order options are practically endless. Whether it is a bustling breakfast, or a demanding dinner crowd, this fast fryer is ready for the challenge.  

For further flexibility, The AutoFry Mini-C has the ability to operate independently on each side, or simultaneously allowing the operator to prepare two different types of products at once.  Plus, our Simplifry™ Technology offers various programmable pre-sets, a standby mode and a heat/time compensation intelligence that keeps frying, well, simple!

When it comes to choosing the right foodservice equipment to best fit your business needs, Motion Technology Inc.,  is the only choice for you! Bundle & Save

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