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AutoFry & MultiChef XL: Serving Up Fun & Flavor at Summer Camp

AutoFry & MultiChef XL_ Serving Up Fun & Flavor at Summer CampAh Summer, the wonderful time of year where the days are longer, sunnier, and all the children are out of school. OK, parents might not feel that last one is so wonderful. Lucky for them there are magical places called Summer Camps, built to house, entertain and feed children throughout the summer! That’s right, parents can rest easy while their kids are well cared for, including well fed.

Here, at Motion Technology Inc., we know how important it is for children to have a good balance of food that is good for their health and  good for their souls.  Our ventless kitchen equipment is ideal for creating dishes that do both. From freshly prepared eggs at sunrise to s’more churros at sunset, the AutoFry and PB&J PaniniMultiChef XL are exactly what every campground needs to keep the kids coming back each summer! 

Our high-speed oven, the MultiChef XL is a super star in the kitchen. In just minutes it can roasts vegetables, like carrots, summer squash and brussels sprouts. That’s not all, it can also prepare a raw boneless chicken cutlet in just six minutes, saving operators and cooks extensively on preparation time! Crank out toasted sandwiches, bagels and more in less than a minute, feeding hungry kids faster than ever.   

Now, we can’t forget about the AutoFry.  This fully enclosed fryer is perfect for whipping up delicious snacks and treats for all ages. Crispy French fries and crunchy chicken are just some of the classic dishes our fryer can create. With the AutoFry, our clients can choose from a entire line of equipment, with sizes ranging from single basket counter top models to double basket floor models. We even created the AutoFry Mini-C, a double basket counter top model that is perfect for implementing a made-to-order menu

kids at camp So, by now it might be pretty easy to tell, flavor is one of our top priorities. But, right up there with flavor, is safety and affordability! Our ventless equipment is so simple and safe to use, it does not require an actual cook or chef for operation. With just the press of a few buttons our oven and fryers can turn any kitchen into a food preparation powerhouse! The outside of our machines are cool to the touch throughout operation. Furthermore, every member of our fryer family are fully enclosed and equipped with the AutoFry Ansul Suppression System, keeping employees out of harms way at all times during use.

OK, that’s safety, now what about affordability? Our products do not require any hood installations, allowing owners to set up shop just about anywhere while saving on renovation costs of $20,000.00 or higher!  We also carry a fantastic rebate program for all of our customers when they purchase a fryer or oven. With big names like McCain, Brakebush Chicken, & Curdtown, and a value of up to $2,900 in potential rebates, you just can't go wrong! 

By combining the MultiChef XL and AutoFry, any Summer Camp can be prepared to take on the hordes of hungry kids! Satisfy their want for salty, sweet and scrumptious, and their parents’ need for light and healthy options all with just two pieces of equipment!

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