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Crafting a Menu: Food for your Brewery

Crafting a Menu Food for your Brewery

Now that your brewery has become well established, and your social following is going strong, it is time to implement a food service program to keep your patrons staying even longer. By adding tasty food that is easy to prepare and serve, you will create an atmosphere that makes your brewery the spot to be! With the right kitchen equipment and creativity, you can turn your taproom into a place not only for delicious craft beer, but delicious dining options as well.

So, what exactly is the right kitchen equipment? Well, for starters, you will want to invest your funds in products that are not only user friendly, but also money savers. At Motion Technology, Inc., our ventless fryers and oven are easy to operate and require no exhaust or hood installations, saving owners and operators thousands of dollars. And who doesn’t want to save money?

Once you have decided on what type of ventless equipment you want to install, you can start to focus on your menu options. You will have to ask yourself a few questions. Should I implement a full dining menu, or just appetizers and small plates? What kind of items will my clientele want to order? What will keep them coming back?AutoFry Tater Tot Nachos

Crafting a menu with the AutoFry and MultiChef XL makes answering these questions easy. Our products cover a wide range of cooking capabilities including, frying, roasting, baking and steaming. These capabilities open the door for an endless amount of food service options. Maybe your menu choices will coincide with flavors that favor your brewery’s location. For example, if your home base is in Texas,  your menu might include some Tex-Mex twists. You can showcase items like Loaded Southwest Totchos, or Chicken Fajita Flatbreads, adding an element of comfort for your guests. How about more of an upscale feel? Pair fried goat cheese with a drizzle of apricot honey or top roasted Brussels sprouts with a spicy Sriracha mayo to impress the more adventurous palates. 

The transition to Phase Two for your brewery doesn’t have to be difficult. By applying the proper strategies, you can take your tap room to new heights. Your patrons will stay longer and spend more if you make tasty food options available to them. Don’t let that extra revenue land in the pockets of food trucks and near by restaurants. Keep profits in house and increase your bottom line with the help of MTI.

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