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Mixing it Up with MTI: Top 4 Cocktail & Food Pairings


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Sometimes, diners need a little bit of guidance when it comes to choosing which mixed beverage to order with their meals. This is a great opportunity for owners and/or management to create drink and food combinations that will not only help their customers make up their minds, but will keep them happy and satisfied.

Below is a list of our Top 4 Cocktail & Food Pairings that are sure to be a hit on just about any menu!

Aperol Spritz & Margherita Flatbread

This sensational spritz is back in a big way! Invented in Italy in 1912, Aperol Spritz is by no means new to the cocktail scene. Thanks to social platforms like TikTok, an entirely new generation is falling for this refreshing cocktail. The Aperol Spritz is bittersweet in the most delightful way. It pairs perfectly with the creaminess of the mozzarella on the Margherita Flatbreads.Fresh Shrimp Taco - NO BG

Paloma & Shrimp Tacos with Chipotle Crema 

If summer was a cocktail, it would be a Paloma. The combination of grapefruit, lime, and tequila works unbelievable well with the chipotle crema. This sweet, yet tart drink is just what you need to balance the heat of the Shrimp Tacos. Don’t forget to salt the rim of your glass to add another layer of flavor to the dining experience.

Negroni & Brie, Prosciutto, and Fig Panini

Another drink invented in Italy in the early 1900’s that’s making a comeback is the Negroni. This robust cocktail has hints of licorice and notes of lemon and coriander seed, requiring an equally robust food pairing. The strong, but balanced flavors of the Brie. Prosciutto, and Fig Panini make it the ideal menu partner for the Negroni.

Cokagne (Tom Hank’s Special) & Classic Chicken Sandwich

Tom Hanks recently broke the internet with his own cocktail creation, Cokagne. Part champagne and part diet coke, Hanks stumbled upon the drink when out at a restaurant. Not much of a drinker, her ordered a diet coke with a shot of champagne. The results? Apparently “It’s strangely, strikingly,Cokagne & Chicken shamefully good, because it’s so refreshing,”. Or at least that was Steven Colbert’s assessment after trying Cokagne with Hanks when he appeared on The Late Show earlier this year. Despite its fancy reputation, champagne is actually a great pairing for fried food. The crackle and snap that occurs when biting into freshly fried chicken is oddly similar to the pop of the champagne bubbles. The addition of diet coke only heightens this celebrity approved combo.

So, there you have it. MTI's Top 4 Cocktail & Food Pairings. Wondering what kind of equipment you need to create all the menu items we mentioned above? Click below to learn how!

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