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Recharging More than Vehicles: Foodservice for EV Customers

Recharging More than Vehicles Foodservice for EV Customers

There is no denying that over the last few years more and more people are switching from gas to electric vehicles. In fact, according to the International Energy Agency, Sales of electric cars (including fully electric and plug-in hybrids) doubled in 2021 to a new record of 6.6 million, with more now sold each week than in the whole of 2012…”. As car manufacturers focus their futures on electric vehicles, fueling and charging stations are being given a unique opportunity to capitalize on the time it takes to recharge hybrid or fully electric automobiles.

EV Station 2Depending on the car or truck, and how much they are looking to charge up, customers could be at a charging station for 15 minutes or even an hour. Who knows, maybe even longer! Either way, this is a chance for owners and operators to increase foodservice sales and specifically market towards EV drivers.

For instance, create promotions or campaigns that benefit electric vehicle owners. Maybe patrons that are recharging also receive a discount on a popular food option like 50% OFF CRISPY TATER TOTS WITH YOUR FIRST EV CHARGE! Or how about a loyalty program where drivers receive a free menu item? FREE BREAKFAST SANDWICH FOR EVERY TEN EV CHARGES! The possibilities are practically endless.

Owners and operators will want to make sure they have a reliable foodservice program that canSandwich and Tots - Illustrated support these promotions and campaigns. This means using kitchen equipment that is not only efficient, but reliable as well. Automatic deep-fryers like the AutoFry® and high-speed ovens like the MultiChef™ are the perfect fit for businesses like charging and fueling stations. They are easy so use any employee can operate them, eliminating the need for a professional cook. Not to mention their advanced cooking technologies allow them to deliver great tasting final results, each and every time!

There are foodservice profits to be made when it comes to EV customers, click below to find out how to get started!

EV Stations foodservice with AutoFry & MultiChef - CTA

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