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Football Season Foodservice: More Play, More Profits!

Football Season Foodservice More Play, More Profits!

Get ready football fans, yesterday kicked off the 2021 NFL season! Earlier this year, Commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed that the league will add an extra game to all 32 team’s 2021 schedule. This makes the full season a total of 17 games for each club, elating every football lover across the country. Because let’s be honest, more football means more fun!

For bar and pub owners, this also means gearing up your foodservice program for an increase in foot traffic. Seventeen regular season games give owners and operators seventeen opportunities to bring in additional profits. You would be crazy not to get creative with your menu and offer up delicious, new options for those special game days. Give your customers a reason to make your establishment the place to be for kick off.

So, what tasty choices can you add to your menu to really get your diners drooling? Honestly, the choices are practically endless, but let us hit you with a few of our favorites that we like to prepare in our ventless fryers and ovens!

BBQ Chicken Totchos

Who doesn’t love tater tots? Try topping this childhood favorite with juicy, grilled chicken, tangy BBQ sauce and shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Finish it off with diced green or red onion and your patrons will not be able to resist this deliciousness.

Caribbean Shrimp Po’ Boy SlidersAutoFry Shrimp Po' Boy Slider

We took a traditional New Orleans Po’ Boy and gave it a Caribbean twist! Crispy, fried shrimp is loaded into a mini French sub roll, topped with a traditional remoulade sauce, and then finished with a Caribbean slaw, consisting of thinly sliced mango, diced jalapenos, and shredded cabbage. These little guys are great as an appetizer or paired with fries for a complete meal! 

Italian Beef Quesadilla

If you have ever been to Chicago, then you hopefully have had the privilege of enjoying an authentic Italian Beef Sandwich filled with tender, thinly sliced roast beef and giardiniera (pickled Italian vegetables). We take those same mouthwatering ingredients, and a little provolone cheese and pile it between two large flour tortillas. Then we serve it up with au jus for dipping and an ice-cold beer! Talk about a spin on a regional classic!

Well, there you have it folks! Try adding any of these three great options to your menu for the 2021 NFL season and you and your guests will not be disappointed!

Click below to see how our ventless kitchen equipment can help create these menu choices in minutes.

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