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Maintenance Matters: Fryer Oil Upkeep

Maintenance Matters Fryer Oil Upkeep

Have you ever had that uncontrollable craving for fried food? You know the one. You can’t seem to think about anything other than crispy chicken wings and French fries. Imagine you head to your favorite local spot and quickly put in an order. But when it arrives, you find yourself staring down at a plate of dark brown, borderline burnt food. Even worse, it is also missing the tantalizing aroma that typically accompanies fried food. Your happiness fades and disappointment seeps in. There is a good chance you will think twice before returning to that business.

In the foodservice industry the quality of your food, and your customer’s experience rank higher in importance than almost anything else. Proper oil upkeep is one of the top ways to ensure the quality of your fried food is top notch. Best frying practice calls for filtering your oil daily and changing it out weekly. This removes any debris that may be floating in the oil or settled at the bottom of the oil pot.

The task of filtering can typically be completed by using a simple net and bucket system, or automatic filtration devices.  Now, depending on the amount of frying your business is doing on a weekly basis, you may need to change your oil more than once. So, how do you know when it is time to change your oil? There are FOUR telltale signs that your fryer oil is due to be replaced.

  • TASTE – Your food is lacking flavor and/or tastes burnt.
  • SMELL – Your oil or your finished product begins to smell burnt.
  • FINISH – Darker finish or burnt spots appearing on food.
  • SMOKE –Smoky or slight haze in your kitchen.

Keeping an eye out for these four signs can help you decipher how often you need to change the oil, and assist you in creating a schedule that best fits your needs.

To make things easier we’re providing you with a free printable chart to help you consistently maintain the oil in your fryer. Make sure to check out our Webstore for a full list of products that will help you keep your AutoFry in tip top shape.

Wait…There’s more! Click below to check out our infographic for oil maintenance!

Oil Upkeep Inforgraphic CTA

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