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MTI 2023 Brewery Foodservice Outlook

MTI 2023 Brewery Foodservice Outlook

Breweries have come quite a long way over the years. These days, they are visited for their delicious food just as much as they are for their refreshing beers. As we wrap up the first full month of 2023 we couldn’t help but wonder what this new year has in store for brewery foodservice. So, we put together our top focus points that we think should be on the radar of all owners and operators.

Check them out below!

Bring on the Beer Infused Food

The more you can showcase your product the better. Incorporating your brew into the food you serve is a great way to highlight your craft and flavor development skills. Try adding your beer to a cheese sauce or combining it with flour, egg, and seasonings to create a batter for fried chicken. Plus, practices like this will repurpose your beer and ultimately limit your waste.

Local Flavors = Community Support

When deciding on your inventory suppliers be sure to invest in other neighboring businesses and vendors. Get your milk and cheese from a local dairy, or your bread from a nearby, family-owned bakery. By working with each other you strengthen all businesses involved and ultimately help build up the community around you.

Investing in Technology Might Not be a ChoiceFried Chicken in boat w 40C

Hiring and retaining reliable staff has been an increasing issue since 2020. Now, in 2023 it has become quite apparent that owners and operators are going to have to explore other labor options. Technology, and specifically automation, has proven to be a viable alternative. Automatic deep-fryers like the AutoFry allow breweries to serve up tasty, deep-fried offerings without an actual fry cook.

Well, there you have it, our 2023 Brewery Foodservice Outlook. Hungry for more? Click below for more industry news and trends!

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