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MultiChef XS: The Conveniently Sized High-Speed Oven

MultiChef XS The Conveniently Sized High-Speed Oven

When operating a foodservice program out of a small area, it is important to utilize every inch of space available. Bulky kitchen equipment can take up valuable square footage that can be put to use in other ways. Today, finding alternatives to these massive, and not to mention pricey appliances can really make or break a business.

Our new MultiChef XS™ is the high-speed oven that truly delivers on convenience and quality. Taking up only sixteen inches in width, and about thirty inches in depth, this little guy really packs a punch! The combination of high temperatures, forced impinged air, and microwave power, work together to heat/cook food faster than conventional methods. This unique combination makes it simple to roast, toast, melt, and bake items without forfeiting time or flavor. Imagine, all of that cooking power in a compact design!

From C-Stores to coffee shops, the MultiChef XS is ideal for businesses looking to take full advantagePanini - MCXS-1 of their entire food preparation area. Just place the oven on your countertop, plug it in and start cooking. No need to worry about it getting too close to the wall or other items that you may have in your kitchen, the MultiChef XS requires ZERO side clearance, and it's exterior stays cool to the touch at all times. Further more, all of our equipment is completely ventless, allowing them to operate without a hood or ventilation system and keeping your set up and installation experience hassle free!

So, exactly what type of menu items can you serve up with this foodservice marvel? Well, some of our favorites include, quesadillas, paninis, flatbread pizzas, and nachos…just to name a few! We also love using the MultiChef XS to help us prepare other offerings. For instance, we recommend roasting boneless chicken and vegetables in the morning, before opening your doors. Dice up them up and store them in your refrigerator to be used throughout the day in all of the options listed above, and then some. The versatility of this oven is not to be overlooked!

If you are looking to implement a foodservice program, but are worried you do not have the space to make it happen, know that MTI is here to help. Click below to get in touch with a sales representative toady!

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