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Adding a Kids’ Menu with Ventless Kitchen Equipment

Adding a Kids’ Menu with Ventless Kitchen Equipment

It is a battle that has continued throughout time. For centuries, parents and children everywhere have argued over food choices. When choosing a restaurant, phrases like “I don’t know”, “I don’t care”, and “I’m not hungry” can push any parent right to the edge of sanity! There has to be a way to make dining selections an easier decision. One of the best ways is adding an exciting kids’ menu, with plenty of delicious choices.

Boy and Menu Whether businesses are implementing a kids’ menu, or revamping up an existing one, Motion Technology Inc., wants them to know that we are here to help! Our ventless kitchen equipment makes it super easy, and affordable to whip up all kinds of fun, kid-friendly options. Children are notorious for being picky eaters. It can be hard for them to agree to any type of sustenance that isn’t 90% sugar. But, with exciting dishes, that both sound and look amazing, kids are more likely to decide.   

What type of kid-approved items can be created with our high-speed oven and fully contained fryer?  The possibilities are just about endless. Not only can our equipment create kid cuisine staples like hot dogs and fries, and pepperoni pizza, they also serve up items on the healthier side too! Tasty options like grilled chicken salad and fresh shrimp tacos feed appetites without all the high-calorie guilt. 

We also like to mix it up with our menus! Time-tested classics like fried chicken tenders can be reinvented with the AutoFry as Chicken Parm Skewers. This masterpiece is brought to life by skewering a freshly fried tender that has beenPB&J Panini rolled in parmesan cheese and then served with marinara sauce for dipping. How about everyone’s childhood favorite, Peanut Butter & Jelly? With the MultiChef XL we turn this throwback sammie into the most nostalgic panini ever created! Kids will love this ooey- gooey treat, and it can be served with freshly roasted veggies to keep the parents at ease.

With the AutoFry and MultiChef XL, the sky is the limit! They make it easy to create a kids’ menu that will increase foot traffic and have owners and operators forgetting all about those high installation costs of a hood system. Ventilation isn’t the only way to save with our products. Because our fryers and oven are so easy to operate, establishments can also save on labor costs by avoiding having to hire a fry or line cook.

It can be overwhelming to add or change a menu, but with the right equipment, it doesn’t have to be. Let us be your source for ventless kitchen solutions.

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