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C-Store Foodservice: Fresh & Healthy Menu Options are in Demand

C-Store Foodservice Fresh & Healthy Menu Options are in Demand

One of our biggest takeaways from the Convenience Foodservice Exchange this year was the increase in demand for fresh and healthy menu options. Many within the c-store industry would argue that these types of offerings are practically mandatory, and we couldn’t agree more. As younger consumers, like Generation Z evolve into a more frequent guest, focal points of foodservice programs will need to shift.

It is no secret that wellness is top of mind for Gen Z, and unlike past generations, they are a bit more selective when choosing what they spend their money on. They care not only about how the product will affect them, but also how it will affect the planet we all live on. So, they are doing their research. Seeking out brands and companies that do all they can to bring a healthier experience to their consumer.

What does this mean for convenience stores? Well, owners and operators will also have to do their research. They will have to determine what fresh and healthy items they want to offer, and which kitchen equipment will work best when it comes time to execute their menu.Mediterranean Hummus Toast - Circle

High-speed, ventless ovens like the MultiChef are ideal for creating delicious and healthy food in no time at all! These ovens cut cooking times by 80%! Top salads and fill wraps with freshly roasted boneless chicken breast that only took minutes to prepare. Steam or roast all kinds of tasty veggies for paninis or breakfast sandwiches. The possibilities are practically endless!

It is also important to note that aside from being completely ventless, the MultiChef ovens are also entirely electric. Being mindful of carbon footprint is not only good for the environment, is it good for business. Equipment that runs on gas can emit intense heat which only adds to the ambient temperatures within the kitchen and entire property. This puts a strain on the HVAC system leading to operational issues or breakdowns, resulting in a hefty service bill for owners and operators.

So, what are you waiting for? Click below to learn more about how MultiChef can help you meet the demands for fresh and healthy menu options.

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