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Food Truck Foodservice: The High-Speed Route to Success

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Have you dreamed of owning a food truck, but assumed it was something that may always be out of reach? Well, at MTI we want to help make that dream a reality. All the decision making that comes with a new business venture can be overwhelming. But when it comes to the cooking equipment for your truck, we have the high-speed ovens for the job!

Our MultiChef™ ovens are fast and economical, cutting cook times by more than 80%. Each oven is equipped with convection, rapid impinged air, precision microwave and high temperatures to deliver on flavor and consistency time and time again. Our ovens are completely ventless and do not require a hood system for operation, saving owners and operators thousands of dollars.

The convenient measurements of both the MultiChef XLT and MultiChef XS make them ideal for justMC & BBQ Chicken Quesadilla-1 about any size truck, leaving space for preparation or storage. And did we mention that these ovens are super easy to use? With the press of just a few buttons you’ll be serving up delicious food in no time.

Now, you are probably wondering what kind of tastiness you can create with the MultiChef XS & XLT. Well, some of our favorites include flatbread pizzas, quesadillas, paninis, and nachos. We also love roasting fresh veggies, and lean proteins like salmon and boneless chicken. These are great on their own or as salad toppers!

So, maybe that food truck dream doesn’t have to be far from reality. Click the link below to talk to a representative today!

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