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MTI-40C: Doubling Down on Foodservice

MTI-40C_ Doubling Down on Foodservice

These days, a solid foodservice program has never been more important. Whether you are a business owner looking to add a menu to your existing establishment, or an entrepreneur starting out on a new venture, you will want to arm yourself with the best tools possible. The kitchen equipment you choose will impact the productivity and overall growth of your program.

Ventless deep fryers, like the AutoFry® are perfect for implementing a foodservice program. No hoods? No vents? No problem! Each AutoFry comes equip with an internal filtration system that catches the grease laden air created while the machine is running. This saves owners thousands on hood/vent installation and service. Not to mention, the AutoFry is so simple to use any employee can operate it, avoiding the need to hire a professional cook.IMG_3455

The AutoFry comes in a range of sizes and styles. From single and double baskets, to countertop and floor models, there is something for all types of businesses and locations. One of our most popular models is our double basket countertop fryer, the MTI-40C. This food preparation powerhouse is capable of producing up to 6 pounds (3 lbs. per side) of product per fry-cycle! Plus, with an oil capacity of 2.75 gallons per side and 5.5 gallons total, you can fry approximately 50-100 lbs. of French fries per hour. Talk about a French fry frenzy!

Besides its capacity capabilities, the dual oil pots of MTI-40C come in handy for other reasons. Looking to cook raw chicken or fish? Mandate one side of your fryer for raw product and the other for frozen. Maybe you want to accommodate people with certain food or gluten allergies. Assign one side of your fryer as “Gluten Free” or “Peanut Free” to avoid contamination.

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