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MTI-5 Spotlight: Deep Frying for the Novice

MTI-5 Spotlight_ Deep Frying for the Novice

So, you want to serve fry food, but don’t know where to start. There are a few factors to consider when adding a fried food menu to your business. One of the most important being your kitchen equipment. This decision will affect not only your budget, but the quality of your fried food, and ultimately the success of your menu. Here, at Motion Technology, Inc. we have spent over thirty years perfecting our ventless kitchen equipment, and our line of fully contained deep fryers can turn any business into a foodservice powerhouse.

The AutoFry® MTI-5 is an excellent entry level ventless fryer that offers compact design capable of producing up to 2 lbs. of product per fry-cycle. Ideal for the deep frying novice! With an oil capacity of 2 gallons, you can fry approximately 20-40 pounds of French fries per hour, with just the push of a button. The AutoFry® is so easy to use any employee can operate it, allowing businesses to run with a limited staff. Our Simplifry™ technology offers multiple programmable pre-sets, standby mode, and heat/time compensation intelligence. It really doesn’t get much easier than that!iStock-1018455976 (1)

We have taken the time to create a number of resources for our clients, including videos and step by step guides. These resources provide detailed information on everything from cleaning and maintenance, to operation and recipe creation. We are consistently working on new ways to develop our products and support our customers so their businesses can be the best they can be.   

And did we mention that all of our equipment is ventless? That’s right, No hoods? No vents? No problem!™ Our fryers require no hoods or vents, saving our customers thousands of dollars on installation and maintenance costs. Owners and operators can expand their menus with deep-fried favorites without all the extra expenses.

Speaking of expanding your menu, the possibilities are practically endless with the AutoFry. Pump out all the classics like French fries, onion rings, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks and more! Don’t be afraid to mix it up with fun items like loaded tater tots, or deep-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. You are only limited by your own imagination!

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