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AutoFry® Raw Product Cooking Guide: From Fresh to Fried

From Fresh to Fried 9_1_20

It is hard not to love fried food. Its crunchy, crispy, and most importantly, comforting. Whether it's French fries or chicken wings, diners are looking to indulge when ordering delivery or eating out. As a new business owner or operator, you may be looking to fry fresh product, but don’t want to break the bank with the high costs of open fryers. It is important to know that installing a hood system is not your only option.

At Motion Technology, Inc. we have created an entire line of ventless, fully contained, automatic deep fryers, that allow you to add a food service program with ease. The AutoFry® comes equipped with its own ventilation capabilities, saving you THOUSANDS! No hoods? No Vents? No Problem! Worry less about expenses and focus more on the food you are going to serve.

There is something special about frying up raw product. Being able to tell your clientele that everything they are eating is prepared fresh from start to finish is a huge selling point. We totally understand the importance of representing your brand's mission and staying true to the food you put out. For this reason, we are continuously creating tools for our customers to assist them in their food service plan, including a guide for frying raw product.

This guide gives you an idea of the cook times and quantities you can expect with the AutoFry. It breaks down the most popular menu categories, including poultry, seafood, and classic sides. What’s most important about cooking with the AutoFry is that is does the hard work of frying for you. Every AutoFry comes equip with the Shake Feature option. This feature shakes the fry baskets just as an employee would by hand when using a traditional fryer, but in a much safer manner, protecting them from any splatter from the hot oil. The feature can be set for specific time intervals. We recommend setting it for every 30 Seconds.

Thinking about going all in on a fried food menu? Our line of fryers ranges from our smallest model the MTI-5, which can fry approximately 20-40 pounds of French fries per hour, to our largest model the MTI-40E, that pumps out about 60-120 pounds of French fries per hour. Talk about turning your business into a profit-making powerhouse. Let us help you get started by being your source for ventless kitchen solutions!

AutoFry Fresh/Raw Product Cooking Guide

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