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Ventless Design. Hands free solutions
Ventless Design. Hands Free Solutions!  As businesses look towards the future of reopening and regaining their customers, there are many things that will have to be taken into consideration. More intense cleaning, no contact delivery, and reduced staff, just to name a few. The way things were done before has now shifted and is changing day by day. It is important that owners and operators find a way to implement and maintain the right equipment that will assist them in this new normal, and at Motion Technology, Inc., we have exactly what they need. 
For years our ventless equipment has helped all kinds of businesses produce lucrative food service programs with ease. From our line of automatic, fully enclosed deep fryers, to our efficient, high-speed oven, the menu possibilities are Fries in AF Chute endless. What kind of menu possibilities you ask? Pump out perfectly fried chicken wings, onion rings and french fries with the AutoFry, or cheesy pizzas, toasty subs and loaded nachos with the MultiChef XL. There is something for all of your patrons. Not to mention, both the AutoFry and MultiChef XL are so easy to use they can be operated by any employee, helping owners stay open with limited staff. 
Now, we know we have focused on the benefits of ventless equipment before. The biggest one being the savings. Avoiding the high costs of installation and maintenance of a hood system will allow you to concentrate those funds into other aspects of your company. But, we also want to bring attention to the hands free attribute of our equipment.
These days it is vital that food is prepared with the least amount of human contact possible. Especially after the cooking process is completed, and the product is being packaged for delivery. With our oven and fryers, your employees can insert and remove food from both pieces of equipment without ever coming into contact with the product. Talk about a food service necessity in 2020! 
So, let us help. From quick service restaurants, to convenience stores and breweries, we have what any industry needs to succeed! 
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