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Automatic Appetizers: Producing Profits with MTI

Automatic Appetizers - AutoFry When diving into the foodservice world, you want to make sure you have all the tools you need to be successful. Whether you are an owner or an operator, you have to find the best ways to keep profits rising and your business growing. Everything from the food you serve to the equipment you use to prepare it, needs to be taken into consideration.

Appetizers are a great way to ease into a foodservice program. Instead of intricate entrée choices, go with quick and simple menu items that can be ordered by your patrons in a variety of sizes, like Personal, Shareable, or Combos. For instance, Buffalo Wings can be served as a small, individual order, or a larger order meant for multiple diners. This same idea can be applied to pretty much any deep-fried app. Mozzarella Sticks, Taquitos, and even Eggrolls are just a few of the profitable possibilities. Plus, most of these items can be kept frozen, helping to eliminate food waste and manage your overhead expenses.Fried Food - AutoFry

Now, we’ve touched on the food, lets talk about the equipment. Automatic deep fryers like our AutoFry are ideal for saving on time and money without sacrificing quality. Having trouble hiring? These preparation powerhouses do the frying for you, even shaking the baskets like an actual fry cook! All you have to do is insert your fresh or frozen product into the food chute and select your cook time. When the food is finished cooking it will dispense into an awaiting pan, ready for the next hungry customer. And did we mention all of our fryers are fully contained and remain cool to the touch during operation? This keeps you and your staff safe from potential burns or other injuries.

Automatic equipment really is a game changer. With the AutoFry doing its job, you and your staff are free to tackle other tasks like food prep, packaging up delivery/take-out orders, or general cleaning and upkeep. We know adding a foodservice program that is going to produce some substantial profits can seem like quite the struggle; but we want you to know there is an automatic solution waiting for you at MTI.

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