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Hot & Fresh: Made to Order Magic with MultiChef XS & AutoFry Mini C

Hot & Fresh Made to Order Magic with MultiChef XS & AutoFry Mini C

We’ve all been there. You're strapped for time, headed back to the office on your lunch break, or to the kids’ tee-ball practice, but still need to grab something to eat. So, you stop at the first place you see serving food. You make your way to the counter or drive-thru and place your order. Once payment has been made you are presented with your food and are quickly on your way. But, to your disappointment, the fries are soggy, or the pizza slice is practically cardboard. A classic case of food that sat around for far too long before being served to the unsuspecting patron.

panini with MC logoSadly, scenarios like this play out all the time, and there is only so much a customer will put up with before they start to look for alternative foodservice options. Hot food that is freshly prepared is exactly what keeps people coming back time and time again. So, owners and operators have to ask themselves, How do I put out a profitable, made to order menu?

Well, for starters, you have to determine what exactly you want on your menu. Just about everything tastes better when it is made to order. French fries, onion rings, paninis, nachos, and fried chickenBuff Chicken Sammy sandwiches are just a few examples. Once you have decided what you want to put out, you can start to think about how to execute your menu.

Which leads us to the next thing you will want to turn your attention towards, kitchen equipment. To execute hot and fresh offerings you need commercial appliances that were built for the job. Here, at MTI we take great pride in the quality and capabilities of our automatic deep-fryers and high-speed ovens. And we have learned that sometimes, the best things come in small packages. Both our smallest oven, the MultiChef™ XS and our smallest double basket fryer, the AutoFry® Mini C really work their magic when it comes to preparing food to order. Both are easy to operate and fit conveniently in just about any location. Simply plug in and start serving! Let MultiChef and AutoFry help keep your food hot and fresh and your customer happy!

To learn more about how our compact equipment can help you execute a made to order menu click the box below.

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