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2021 Foodservice Trends: New Year, New Normal

2021 Foodservice Trends

Here we are at the end of another year. 2020 was undoubtedly a crazy ride, but we are ready to get off at the next stop and hop aboard the 2021 Express! Per tradition here at MTI, we are taking a look at the new foodservice trends expected to be a big hit in the year to come. Due to the pandemic, the industry is evolving in a much different way than it has in years past. While flavor is still important, it isn’t exactly the main attraction this time around. Safety and adaptation lead the way in the new normal.


Whether it is delivery or food preparation, contactless has become a frequently used term throughout the industry. Now, more than ever, owners and operators are finding ways to limit employee contact with everything from food to customers. In the new normal, patrons want as little interaction with staff as possible and want to know their order is being handled in the safest way possible. Fully contained, ventless kitchen equipment is a great way for businesses to prepare food while reducing and in some instances removing the need for any contact with the product being cooked.

Ghost / Virtual Kitchens

2020 was certainly the year for food delivery. Companies that never had a delivery program before were finding ways to implement them in order to keep their business going. As the pandemic continued, the need for a dining room quickly diminished while restrictions were put in place and people felt less and less comfortable dining out. Enter, Ghost / Virtual Kitchens. These kitchens allow owners to downsize their operations as well as overhead costs, while continuing to produce the same, if not greater amount of profit. Small footprint spaces call for ventless, compact equipment that can really deliver on quantity and quality all while avoiding the need for an expensive ventilation system. For instance, the MultiChef XL is a highspeed oven that fits conveniently in just about any location and does not require a hood for operation. Just plug it in and you are ready to start serving!

Unique Menu OptionsAutoFry Eggrolls

In 2021, menus may be looking a bit out of the ordinary. After ordering pretty much the same food choices over and over again throughout an entire year, diners will be craving unique menu options. Items like deep-fried strawberry and ricotta eggrolls  are perfect for peaking your customers’ interest. Owners can’t be afraid to test out fresh ideas! By utilizing deep fryers that are automated with pre-programmable settings, like the AutoFry, it is simple to implement new recipes quickly and easily.

While we don’t know for sure what the future holds, we are excited for the predicted trends in an everchanging industry. We support small businesses and look forward to helping them figure out this new normal. Click the link below to read more about how

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