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Brewery Food Service: Flights & Fries

Flights & Fries

The idea of adding a food service program can be a scary thought for brewers. We get it, fear of the unknown is pretty legitimate. What food do you serve? What will pair the best with your beer? How much is this all going to cost? Do I hire a chef? And that is probably just a few of the questions you are asking yourself. Now, don’t get overwhelmed, because we are here to help.


At Motion Technology, Inc. we have been helping businesses implement successful food service programs for over thirty years. Our high-speed oven, the MultiChef XL® and fully contained deep fryer, the AutoFry® make it easy to add any kind of menu to your brewery. Our portable, hands-free equipment is easy to use and operates with just the press of a couple buttons, allowing your company to run on a limited staff and avoid hiring a professional cook.

And did we mention that all of our equipment is ventless? That's right, No Hoods? No Vents? No Problem! Our customers can save as much as $30,000.00 in vent and hood installation costs, as well as the high prices of routine hood maintenance. Upkeep on our equipment is super simple, and we have even created helpful guides and videos to assist our clients. There is no reason to break the bank, when there is a reliable, and affordable option available.   

So, let’s talk food! French Fries to be exact. You don’t have to serve a big, detailed menu to keep your guests drinking more and staying longer. Something as simple as deep-fried potatoes can really temp the taste buds. Flights & Fries are a great way to introduce a variety of your brews to your guests while simultaneously feeding their appetites. Make an entire menu dedicated to different kinds of fries with a mix of toppings and sauces. Pair your pilsner with sweet potato fries or your pale ale with poutine. Let your imagination run wild!


It is also important to note, that when you purchase our equipment you are entered into our rebate program, which includes the master of french fries themselves, McCain! This means you will be eligible for up to $1400.00 in case rebates! From shoestrings to tater tots, they've got it all. 

Are we feeling like a food service program might be the right move for your brewery? Then click the link below and find out how to get started today!

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