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Fun in the Sun: Outdoor Dining with MTI

Fun in the Sun_ Outdoor Dining with MTI
Now, more than ever, it is vital for restaurants to think outside the box. Actually, they need to think outside the dining room. Things are a little different these days, and a full dining room just isn't in the cards at the moment. This means owners and operators have to find alternatives. 
Enter Outdoor Dining! 
If your dining room has been reduced to half capacity, you will want to find ways to make up for that loss. By utilizing an outdoor area on your property you will not only recuperate space and customers, but also introduce a different kind of dining experience. The addition of things like up beat music and colorful umbrellas to block the sun from your guests, are great ways create a buzz!
The next question you most likely have is, How does my business afford this type of change?  Well, you begin by making informed purchasing decisions. Here, at Motion Technology, Inc., we have been in the business of helping businesses for over thirty years. Our ventless, hands free kitchen equipment allows restaurants to pump out perfect product quickly and safely, all while saving money. With our line of automatic deep fryers, the AutoFry, and our high-speed oven, the MultiChef XL your restaurant will be the place worth waiting for! 
So, how can our equipment help your business save?  Well, for starters, our oven and fryers require no hoods, allowing owners to avoid the high costs of installation. Furthermore, both the MultiChef XL and the AutoFry are so simple to use any employee can operate them. This let's your company continue to run smoothly with a limited staff. Lastly, the AutoFry comes in a variety of different sizes. This means a restaurant can purchase the size they need that will produce the right capacity, allowing them to reduce food waste, and in turn save even more! 
Well, what are you waiting for? Look into adding our ventless, hands free kitchen equipment to your business and get your guests outdoors! 
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