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Brewery Foodservice: Crafting an Experience

Brewery Foodservice - Crafting an experience

There is nothing like heading to your favorite brewery with friends or family for a delicious, ice-cold beer. Breweries have become weekend and post-work destinations for people looking to have a good time or just chill out. Over the years what people expect from breweries has evolved. They are being more selective about the breweries they visit and are ultimately choosing the locations that are offering EXPERIENCES that are equally as enjoyable as their beers.

So, how do brewery owners and operators craft an experience that will create a buzz? Well, there are a few things to consider. First, the overall appearance of the brewery and tap room matters. The décor should be inviting, but also represent your brand. Seating is also very important. There should  be plenty of comfortable seating. The more relaxed and at home guests feel, the longer they will want to stay. Music is also a great way to increase foot traffic. Local bands and DJs are always looking for new places to perform, and typically taproom acoustics really work in their favor.

Quesadilla Cheese Pull - Instagram -2In addition to thirst-quenching brews, patrons are also looking for food options that will satisfy their appetites, and nothing forms an experience like food. The look, the texture, the smell, and the taste all play a role. By implementing a strong foodservice program owners and operators can turn their establishment into a place that is sought out for more than just their amazing lineup of impeccable beers.

For some brewers, adding a food menu may feel like an overwhelming task. Deciding on which food to serve, what equipment to use, and whether or not to hire a professional cook are just some of the choices that will need to be made. Luckily, MTI is here to help!40c- bannr - fry boat

For over thirty years we have assisted all types of businesses initiate successful foodservice programs, including many breweries. Our automatic deep-fryers (AutoFry), and high-speed ovens (MultiChef) are just what owners and operators need to serve up offerings that look as good as they taste. Our equipment is easy to use and install, simply plug in and you are ready to go! Plus, both AutoFry and MultiChef are completely ventless, and can operate without an above hood system. This saves our customers thousands of dollars in installation and service costs.

So, what do you think? Is it time to craft an experience for your guests that will them coming back for more? Click below to get started!

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