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Hotel Food Service: Crushing School Vacation

Hotel Food Service - Crushing School Vacation

Throughout the busy school year, as kids are buried in their books, they are simultaneously looking forward to whichever school vacation is in their near future. They are counting down the days until they get their sweet break from reality, and head out on their yearly trip with mom and dad. Hotels alike should also feel the same excitement, as these escapes from day to day life mean an increase in revenue for them. Especially if they implement the right food service plan.

Know Your Guests Fried PBJ Zoom

Think about your clientele. Who are the people staying at your hotel? It is important to build dishes that catch the attention of your guests. Maybe your hotel has a large lodger base of children under the age of ten. In this case, you will want to create menu items that appeal to them. Finger foods, or dishes with fun names are simple and effective additions to your food program that will pique the interest of the youngest of diners. Try adding things like Deep Fried PB & J Bites or Emoji Face Quesadillas to stand out among competitor hotels.


Brunch Phone Be Mindful of New Trends  

Today, more than ever, food trends are influencing where people eat. This is especially true when it comes to Gen Z. This particular group of guests are looking for an experience they can not only eat, but share on social media as well. What does this mean for the hotel industry? Well, to put it quite simply, they have to keep up with the times! Tasty plant-based burgers and over-sized, deep fried tater tots worthy of Instagram are just a couple of the menu possibilities that would excite any young person…and their list of followers.


Choose the Right Equipment AF & MCXL White  2_17_20

When faced with keeping up with the dining demands of vacationing adolescents it is important to supply your hotel with the best kitchen equipment for the job. Making sure food is prepared quickly and efficiently is key to any successful food service. At Motion Technology, Inc. we pride ourselves in supplying the world with ventless kitchen equipment that truly delivers. Our customers save on HUGE hood installations costs all while creating phenomenal food with ease! From freshly fried fare in the AutoFry to precisely prepared meals in the MultiChef XL, there is almost nothing our ventless products can’t do!


So, keep an eye on the calendar, and make sure those school vacations are on your hotel’s radar. It is just as important to make sure the younger guests are as happy with their stay as the adults!

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