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Plant-Based: More like a Menu Staple than a Menu Trend

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These days, the want and need for healthier menu options is greater than ever. More and more people are moving towards veggie centered dishes. In fact, according to a USA Today interview with Jenny Zegler, associate director of food and drink for Mintel, the rise in plant-based interest should come as no surprise, given the fact that younger generations like Millennials and Gen Z are focusing more on healthy living and sustainability.

Now, just because people are eating more and more plant-based grub, it doesn’t mean they are ruling out meat and classifying themselves as vegans or vegetarians. In actuality, people are just implementing more veggie fueled meals into their diets and research shows 59% of consumers say they eat meatless at least once a week.  This means that patrons are looking to expand their palates and obtain more options. And who doesn’t want options? Who doesn’t want to switch it up every once in a while and taste something new!?MCXL - Plant Based Burger 1_27_20

Just like any food trend, restaurants need to be able to capitalize on this new craze. The best way to do this is by supplying your business with the best tools possible. With our ventless kitchen equipment, your staff can roast, bake or fry your plant-based menu items in no time at all. Not to mention, our products are so simple to operate, any staff member can do it! No need to hire a professionally trained cook to take your establishment to the next level. We also supply our clients with tons of additional videos and guides, to assist with maintenance and menu development.

At Motion Technology, Inc., we have the top notch equipment that is proven to turn any business into a food service power house. Our MultiChef XL and AutoFry can do it all! From plant-based burgers and tacos, to plant-based fried chicken sandwiches, there is something for everyone. Not to mention, our customers can avoid breaking  the bank with our ventless products, as they require no hood installations, saving them thousands of dollars! 

Owners and operators need not fear when a new food fad comes around, as long as they are properly prepared. For over thirty years we have perfected our ventless kitchen equipment and created a line of products like no other. From large movie theatre chains, to convenience stores and even mom and pop pizza shops, our MTI has something for every business

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