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Making a Menu: Top 3 Quesadillas for your Bar

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When making or updating the menu for your bar it is important to include items that not only grab the attention of your diners, but deliver on taste as well. Quesadillas are the perfect vessels for testing out fun flavor combinations. You can practically throw whatever you want between two tortillas and more often than not you will discover something pretty delicious!

Here at MTI, we took our own advice and threw together our Top 3 Quesadillas and prepared them in the MultiChef in under a minute. Now, we can’t make any promises, but you will have a tough time deciding which one of these you like the most, and just might have to add them all to your menu. Check out our list below, and feel free to thank us later!

Spicy Italian Quesadilla

This cold-cut creation is packed with flavor. Pepperoni, salami, ham, and provolone cheese come together with sliced pepperoncini to deliver those old-school deli sandwich feel vibes. Ditch the sub roll for tortillas, add some marinara on the side for dipping and watch this quickly become one of your most popular menu items.

Sweet & Salty BBQ Chicken QuesadillaBBQ Chicken Quesadilla

We are BIG fans of BBQ Chicken Pizza. Who isn’t, right? So, we took everything we love about it and turned it into a quesadilla. Now, we didn’t stop there. We felt we needed to kick it up a notch and add a sweet & salty twist to our recipe. So, we tossed in fresh chunks of pineapple and bits of crumble bacon for good measure. The finished product is so good it should be illegal.

Bang Bang Shrimp Quesadilla

Shrimp, cheese, and shredded cabbage all melted between two tortillas and drizzled with a creamy, sweet & spicy sauce make these Bang Bang Shrimp Quesadillas the ideal meal or appetizer! This handheld gift from the flavor gods is certain to have your customers drooling before they even place their order!

Well, there you have it folks, our Top 3 Quesadillas for your Bar. If you want to learn more about how we cooked these quesadillas in less than a minute, click the link below!

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