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Money Matters: Saving on Labor Costs with Ventless Equipment

Money Matters

One of the biggest concerns for operators and owners in 2019 has been the rising costs of labor. Running a business is always a balance and knowing when and how to spend your company’s money is essential for success. While employees are a vital part of any industry, the price of labor is making it difficult for businesses to thrive, especially on top of all of their other expenses. At Motion Technology Inc., we want to help alleviate those high labor costs by supplying all kinds of establishments with the answers to these economical changes.

For nearly 30 years, we have been refining our ventless kitchen equipment, to make it the best product possible. Our high-speed oven and line of deep fryers are the ideal items to increase your bottom line all while saving money. By adding the AutoFry and MultiChef XL to your kitchens, your business can serve up all types of delicious food in minutes with the press of just a couple buttons! Don’t worry, you read that right, JUST A COUPLE BUTTONS!

Autofry-Group_colorcorrectedOur products are so simple to use there is no need to hire a trained cook or chef. Any employee can operate our ventless equipment. From perfectly prepared pizzas and paninis in the MultiChef XL, to fantastically fried French fries and chicken in AutoFry, there is no need for a degree from high-end culinary institute to create these masterpieces. Keep your number of staff members down, while still operating as efficiently as ever.

Not only are our products super simple to use, they are also super safe. Every AutoFry is fully enclosed and has a built in ANSUL Fire Suppression System, fully loaded and ready to go. This keeps users protected before, during and after cooking. Like the AutoFry, the MultiChef is also fully enclosed during cooking, while the outside of our machines remain cool to the touch. MultiChef

We designed our oven and fryers to deliver consistent results every time, keeping food services running smoothly and diners happy. We have also created tons of additional material for our clients to assist in everything from operation and recipe building, to maintenance and troubleshooting. Additionally, our Customer Service and Technical Support teams are available 7 days a week until 8 pm to answer any questions you may have!

So, don’t let these rising labor costs get you down! Let us help you supply your business with the right products to keep your foodservice running smoothly and your bottom line increasing consistently. With Motion Technology Inc., you are always in good hands.

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