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MTI 2023 Convenience Store Foodservice Outlook

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The new year is officially here, and it is time to dive into our Convenience Store Outlook for 2023! Let’s discuss our predictions for the upcoming year and ways that owners and operators can prepare themselves and their businesses.

Between inflation and labor shortages throughout the last few years, the road to success has at times been difficult to navigate. Hopefully these forecasted trends will shed some light on the path ahead.


Technologically advanced, ventless equipment will play a huge role in reducing the stress brought on by the labor shortage in 2023. Take down those Help Wanted signs and arm your kitchen with automatic deep-fryers and high-speed ovens that do the hard work for you, allowing your establishment to operate with minimal staff.

Expanded OfferingsLoaded Fries 

People want options! Now, we know that expanding your menu can be worrisome. We get it, no one wants to add to their product waste, and sometimes having and extensive menu can do just that. Your change doesn’t have to be BIG, just enticing! Try expanding one menu item, like French fries. Offer a variety of simple toppings (cheese, BBQ sauce, bacon bits, kimchi, etc.,) to expand that one section of your menu without bringing on too much additional product, if any.


Reducing food waste is at the top of everyone’s list of concerns, and rightfully so. Convenience stores will want to focus on training their staff to store and prepare foods with waste reduction in mind. Make use of every bit of food, no matter how ugly, and always double check your food deliveries. It also helps to Invest in efficient and dependable kitchen equipment. By limiting your cooking errors, you are also limiting your food waste.

Elevated Experience

Convenience stores have evolved so much over time, specifically when it comes to foodservice. These days, people want more than a hotdog that’s been sitting in a roller case for 7+ hours, they want an experience. They crave food that not only tastes and smells amazing, but looks amazing too. More than ever consumers are choosing to be increasingly selective with how they spend their time and money, and this is especially true when it comes to food. Because honestly, life is too short to waste either on a mediocre meal.

Be sure to keep these convenience store foodservice predictions in mind as we make our way through the new year. Prepare your business accordingly and get ready for an exciting 2023!

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