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MTI Oven Options: New Products Announcement

Oven Options MTI New Product Announcement

Did you hear the news? It is time for a new product announcement! This time we are getting ready to drop not one, but TWO NEW HIGH-SPEED OVENS! That’s right, we doubled down on these fast-bake phenoms, and here, at Motion Technology, Inc. we are proud to be adding two new powerhouses to our line of ventless kitchen equipment.

The MultiChef™ XS and MultiChef™ XLT are ideal for businesses like breweries, bars, coffee shops, or any establishment looking to add a foodservice program without the high costs of renovations necessary for a hood system. Our high-speed ovens are powerful, highly versatile, and controlled with the press of just a couple of buttons. So easy to use any employee can operate them, alleviating the need for a professional cook or chef.

Now, let’s take a look at the newest members of our MTI family, starting with the MultiChef XS. ThisOven Close Up 622021 sleek, compact, ventless oven is equipped with a combination of heated forced-air, convection, and microwave power, giving it the ability to prepare food quickly and efficiently. This new design also comes with an innovative touchscreen controller making it easy to use and manage.

We always welcome feedback from our customers, and that is exactly what led to our next product announcement. The MultiChef XLT is a robust high-speed ventless oven, capable of cooking a variety of menu options and demands. This reboot of the MultiChef XL comes with a unique, user-friendly touchscreen, making it ideal for younger staff members, or employees new to foodservice. Bottom line? Our customers wanted a variety of sizes, so we give the people what they want!

Are you ready to learn more about our new ventless ovens and how to reserve one today? Click the link below to speak to a rep in your area now! 

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